We are a private, non-profit group of professionals in various disciplines related to the development of transportation infrastructure systems. We aim to promote the professional development of members of the group and also contribute to the development of transportation infrastructure in Ghana.

Our members fall into three groups, Ghanaian students engaged in transportation related studies in North American universities, Ghanaian transportation professionals practicing in the US, and Ghanaian professors and post-doctoral researchers in North America. The forum provides our students with a community interact with and support each during their academic studies. In addition the practicing professionals and academics are a rich resource to assist them as they transition from academic studies into their respective careers.

For our members that are practicing in the field of transportation the Forum is a rich resource to network, collaborate, and engage each other both professionally and on transportation issues related to Ghana, with the aim of promoting long-term economic growth in the country. Our objective is to provide leadership to influence national policy discussions, development and implementations in transportation-related developments and the built-environment that will improve public health and safety, protect the environment, and strengthen security and the economy.

We want to create a platform for professionals from the private and public sectors and academia to engage in research that will yield technologies, insights, and innovative solutions to effectively utilize the limited natural resources of the nation. Finally, and above all things, we seek to promote a high standard of excellence, ethics and professionalism in all aspects of transportation practice in Ghana. In this section of our website, you can access information related to our mission statement, our constitution and by-laws, and our executives and council of elders (board of directors).