GTPF is a private, non-profit group of multi-disciplinary professionals with a mission to promoting innovation and sustainable developments in transportation infrastructure and related systems via research, professional practice, policy development and implementation. The overall purpose of our organization is to promote research related to transportation policies and the planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance of physical infrastructure of the transportation system in Ghana. We also seek to provide leadership in the development of sustainable solutions to transportation-related issues in Ghana towards promoting long-term economic growth.

GTPF also aims at providing a global platform for public expression and knowledge exchange; promote creative collaborations with public and private leaders, agencies, communities and professionals regarding transportation-related issues. Also among our objectives is to provide leadership to influence national policy discussions, development and implementations in transportation-related developments and the built-environment that will improve public health and safety, protect the environment, and strengthen security and the economy.

In the course of pursuing our goals, we seek to encourage teams of expertise and professionals from private/public sectors and academia to actively engage in research that will yield technologies and insights leading to innovations in effective utilization of resources. Finally, and above all things, we seek to actively participate in the promotion of ethics and excellence in professional transportation practice in Ghana.